No 2, October 6, 2010
Publisher and Chief Editor Olle Holm
André Breton, official father of Surrealism once (1925) said "The eye exists in its savage state." What did he mean? Did his training as a physician and painter give him some inside knowledge of ophthalmology...perhaps of some deep and fearful secret? - Be that as it may, this TBE contains the full story of the wonderful Optacon...and two stories on other methods to improve and enjoy




-IOP and BP
-Niemeyer on ERG
-On jellyfish eyes and why
-Color vision and railroading
-Don´t divide by Zero!
-Grafitti and Ophthalmology
-Surgery microscopy too late?
-Einar A, art and ophthalmology
-Presbyopia, so what?
-Patient non-compliace...No!
-Listen to your peers...or not?



People living in the tropics are strongly pig-mented, but popula-tions in Northwestern..

Why a short story concerning the Danish  Axel Viggo Clemmesen (VC)?

occasionally there ap-pears on the internet short discussions..this time about cold cornea

A couple of miles north of Helsingborg you will find a museum at a place called Djuramossa. ..


The American Academy of Ophthalmology recently announced that the Chinese Ministry

"Saffron supplement maintains morphology and function after exposure to damaging light in Mammalian retinae". Read article in Invest Ophth and TBE saffron cake recipe

It is interesting to no note that the real success story of ophthalmo-logy is the story of the invention of one single man, Sir Nicholas ; the intraocular lens im-plantation operation..a good story indeed.
Do we smell colors? Or are smells colorful? Do colorblind men prefer different smells in women? Read about color vision and pheromones, a very unlikely context.

In the year 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone.In the year 1876 Nicolaus August Otto invented the first practical four-stroke internal combustion engine. Also in ophthalmology things happened

In the beginning, 1994, The Baltic Eye was on paper, a newsletter distributed free by MSD to all ophthalmologists in the Baltic and Nordic countries..the idea was to "reunite" across the Baltic Sea

Experimental clinical Ophthalmology research in Sweden the last 50 years has to a large extent originated in the Krakau lnstitutions in Lund and Malmö. Read about it in Swedish

MOGENS NORN continues into last century of Danish and world ophthalmology...often stormy times...and as usual animosity between ophthalmologists

Exposure of cornea to strong UV-light causes dramatic but essen-tially undangerous symptomato-
logy. Henrik Forsius goes into the interesting epidemiology of UV damage to the eye, particu-
larly in arctic settings
17 years after independence Latvia has reached the crossroads. Choices are between a continued Post-Soviet political system and a future-oriented European society. Read more

There are sports dangerous to the eyes of the persons who perform seldom thought about is fire eating and -breathing. Johannes H tells more about it

What will become of the Nordic Battle Group? Can it be used also for defending in the Home Area? Read what Hain Rebas and others think about the new strategics around Läänemeri

ENT Professor Emeritus Lars Malm describes a little known sensory organ, the Jacobsson Broman Fluid Smell organ, with a very special function. Humans do not have it....unfortunately

Find out why Alvar Gullstrand (see picture) was dissatisfied with Nordic ophthalmology, also what else Mogens Norn found worth reporing about in late 19th century ophthalmology

Dr Bo Sonnsjö of Sunne, Värm-land emphasizes the vascular component in Open Angle Glau-coma, also the connection bet-wen Alzheimers disease and OAG

MOGENS continues into the 20th far only with Danish ophthalmology. We need people who can write ophthalmology history from other countries in the area!

Per Nelleman Bang, a Danish Ophthalmologist, gives his account on the dramatic events when Danish jews escaped to Sweden in the fall of 1943, much against the will of Berlin. Read!

Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz is not remembered by many. He should be. Without this Nazi partymem-bers´efforts 7000 Danish Jews would have been extinguished in Theresienstadt. Read about it
MOGENS NORN, well known to TBE readers keeps track of the past, this time the past of evil time in Denmark and most of Europe. Read how some escaped the guys above
Professor Emeritus Erik Linnér, still very active scientifically, has the longest clinical career in Swedish ophthalmology. Has he any-thing to tell? Find out!
There is a new crop of Baltic ophthalmologists, young, well-educated and businessminded and eager to expand. Kai Noor of Tallinn is one of the them. Read about her and her gang
He used automobile head-lights for OR-illumination and he occasionally took a "lille en" when going rounds. Also he was the most innovative eye surgeon in Scandinavia
The indefatigable Mogens Norn, Professor Emeritus of Denmark, Historian Official of the Danish Ophthalmological Society continues backward in DK ophthalmology history
Bjerrum of Denmark had his reputation from visual field analyzing. Also he had many interesting thoughts about the nature of glaucoma. Be influenced!
Jay Enoch is a remarcable man. I met him first time when I worked at Washington U dpt of Ophthalmology, in 1969. A large man, Jay is, in all respects. Almost the size of the man he describes, HG
A singularity in the mathematical sense is where a function sud-denly behaves unpredictably. M K Ciurlionis was a singularity in the art world. See him in Kaunas
What started as a method to enhance color fundus photo-graphy since developed into techniques to penetrate fog and snow and more. Read